Falling into a Rut

So lately (and by lately I mean this past week), I've been feeling as though I am somewhat in a rut. I mean healthwise, swimmingwise, schoolwise, fashionwise-basically everythingwise. I mean I've been snacking on Cinnamon Toast cereal like a drug; I've been falling back to jeans (which, none fit me), hoodies, and T-shirts for school... Heck, I haven't curled my hair all week! Even my morning workouts have fallen to the wayside in need of more sleep. I blame it on my obsessive need to watch the Phillies, so now that they're awesome world series champs, I can go back to my old routine, which definitely left me more energy. I've got a couple inches to lose before I can be a size 4 again... (because, size 6 is now too big, so the only way is to go down!)
After this parade tomorrow, I'm spending the weekend (when not working, of course) getting organized and rejuvenating. Huzzah!

(By the way, here are my steps to that):
1. Get all school (or work) crap together, and organize it
2. Clean up the room (including the desk!) once and for all
3. Make/Buy/Find something new to wear (accessorie, etc)
4. New food!! Fruit, veggies, fruit!! (I'm craving kiwi and strawberries like mad crazy, winter be damned!)
5. Do yoga by the TV (only way!) or go for a walk, weather permitting
6. Make some plans for the future with friends
7. Major TLC after 1-6, including finally fixing my toes and nails, and skin

On the side, drink loads of water to get my skin moisturized again! Wish me luck =)


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la petite fashionista said...

i feel like i've been stuck in somewhat of a rut as well.. good luck with everything!:)