Over in the East

I'm always in awe of Asians. And I don't mean Asian-Americans, but actual I-Live-In-Asia. More specifically, the ones who live in places like Japan, Taiwan, etc. They always look so petite and put together, much more so than Americans. Their hair always seems perfectly curled and glossy, their skin perfectly clear, and their clothes impeccable. Plus their men manage the right balance between looking totally gay and looking stylish? How do they do it? My bangs always seem messy and sometimes greasy looking, and my skin doesn't always feel smooth and pimple free, and I maybe short, but I am by no means petite. I've been trying to figure it out, but it seems a mystery... Perhaps when I go to Japan in the future (As in learn the language, figure out the costs, and possibly convince a friend to go too type future) I will learn the secret. Because for now I'm befuddled.

Siempre estoy intimidada ante asiaticos. Y no hablo sobre asiaticos-americanos, pero Yo-Vivo-En-Asia. Para ser mas precioso, los asiaticos que viven en Japon, Tawain, etc. Siempre las mujeres parecen menuda y elegante, mas que americanos. Su pelo siempre parece rizo y brillante, su piel es claro, y su ropa es impecable. Tambien sus hombres ponen en equilibrio la "gay" aspecto y ser elegante. Como lo hacen? Mi cabello corto parece revuelto y graso aveces, y mi piel no parece suave o claro, y soy baja, pero no soy menuda. He intentado encontrar su secreto, pero es un misterio... Quiza cuando voy a Japon en la future (necesito aprender la idioma, decidir el costo, y buscar un amigo conmigo) aprendera el secreto. Porque, ahora, soy aturdida.


PS: http://www.fashioninjapan.com/ and prettyeastern.blogspot.com are my favorite places to to see inspiration from the east.


Gaya said...

Yo siempre me he preguntado lo mismo, cómo lo hacen? Si lo descubres ya me cuentas. Un beso

The Clothes Horse said...

Japan has always been inspiring to me. I swear that is where fashion is progressing!