Afrodita Bonita, Que es Tu Secreto?

In the midst of this single digit weather the east coast in suffering from this time of the year, I have been grabbing inspiration from pictures of spring time nymphs and the beautiful goddesses of Greek Mythology. For some reason, my favorite has always been Aphrodite; don't ask me why, because logic would say that her as a role model to an eleven-year-old is a terrible, terrible idea. Maybe I don't like her stories as much as I love her appearance in poems, paintings (Botticelli, anyone? I get to see it spring break!!), etc. Flowing frocks, soft curls, pastel colors, small flowers... Oh, spring time, do come soon...

En la media del invierno, he sacado mi inspiracion de las pinturas de las ninfas de la primavera y las diosas bonitas. Mi favorita es Afrodita. Porque? No se... No me gusta su personalidad, pero su apariencia en poemas, pinturas, (Botticelli? yo la vere en la primavera!), etc.Vestidos sueltos, rizos blandos, flores pequenos... Primavera, llega pronto..

Credit: Model- Elie Saab/; Birth of Venus- Botticelli; Nymphs Listening to the Songs of Orpheus- Jalabert/ Grey dress- American Eagle/ Gladiator Sandals- Steve Madden, Victoria's Secret/Goddess Hair- Miranda Kerr

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