Jessica Simspon

I don't usually like to think or talk about celebrity gossip, but these new pics of Jessica Simpson got me thinking...
Say what you want about her personality, her selloutness, etc, but please don't start calling her fat. Yes she's put on some weight, but I think she looks wonderful. If she'd wear clothes that look nice on her, she'd look amazing. Now all she needs to do is get back to where her talent was 1999 and start over, because being the quintessence of a sell out is obviously not working for her. We all know she at least used to have the vocals, now she just needs the right promoters.
And she needs to lay off Carrie Underwood, just saying... =)


The Clothes Horse said...

I 100% agree. Fat she is not. She is also not stylish...but that can be easily fixed. These clothes don't flatter, when actually she looks pretty slender and toned.

Anonymous said...

oh no she is so going down!

B. KIM said...

oh god!
i definitely
agree with you
i want a last simspon