New Year Resolutions...

Well, I thought I'd start off 2009 with a few of those lovely resolutions that we all probably break at one point during the next twelve months. (Also, I thought it was about time to change up the appearance of Modern Dreamer, so tell me what you think).

1. Lose weight, obviously. I know I'm suppose to have loads of muscle because of swimming, blah blah, but 140 at 5'2" just doesn't sit well with me, even if everyone says I look like less.
2. Read more novels; I have an entire shelf of books that need to be read or finished, and I feel like I spend more time reading magazines and blogs than I do literature. I do love reading, and I can't figure out why I'm not the avid reader I once was. Damn school

3. Take better hygienic care of myself. I don't mean showering and such, I'm not that gross. But I mean skin care wise, hair care wise... Especially with the chlorine; it's killing them.

4. Be nicer. A lot nicer. Oh and gossip less.

5. Get one of those really romantic, mind blowing kisses before 2010. Because, um, as a hopeless romantic, it's like a life goal to have one of those. And I think I'm long over due. Haha (And yes, I do think the kiss at the end of Anastasia was like the most romantic kiss ever)

What's yours?


So long...

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