no life. without wife.

Finally! Midterms are over and I've done my first SAT (I swear, if I get at least above a 2000, I'm not retaking them. That was tedious and BORING, I feel dumber than when I first walked in there.) And my room is finally look pretty nice and clean. My desk is still an awful mess of papers and books and pencils, but eh, oh well, that's what writing does to you.
I watched Bride & Prejudice today, recovery from all the tests, and had a good laugh. It was cute and funny, and a nice way of opening the eyes to the whole Bollywood world. The music was so upbeat and the setting so colorful! The song that's stuck in my head is "No Life Without Wife." It's hilarious.

Also, the main leads, Lahlita and Will Darcy (Or Lizzy & Mr. Darcy from P&P) were quite attractive. The actress who played Lahlita is gorgeous! And Mr. Darcy...swoon, ha. I think my favorite though was seeing Sayid from "Lost" turn into the "Indian MC Hammer."