Partie Un: Early Life of BB

Born in late September of 1934, Brigitte Bardot entered into an affluent French family. She would be joined by a younger sister in 1938. Bardot herself describes her family life as being a very strict place where she was also responsible for her little sister. But, she says she loved her parents, saying she liked how her mother described her father, "living with a rose in his hand," and described her mother as intelligent and witty.
Surprisingly, or maybe not in an ironical way (also in a superficial way), Brigitte was not a tempting beauty from the start. As a child she had frizzy hair, glasses, and braces, and a slew of insecurities and complexes. Though, this phase seems to have been quite short.
Although an event that happened when she was seven, led to her parents disowning her and her sister, making them feel like strangers in their home. This is said to have made a huge impact in Brigitte's life, especially at such a young age.
We can try and attribute BB's figure to genetics, but the gracefulness of it is probably due to her years in the ballet studio. She once wanted to be a great ballet dancer. Later, she poses for some photos, leading to the cover of an Elle magazines (if only covers were so easy nowadays!) It is through Elle that she meets Roger Vadim, her famous first husband and producer (or director?) of many of her early movies...

Credits: pictures- One- Brigitte Bardot

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