and no one can just be labeled like a soup can

I saw someone post this a while ago, but I thought I'd post one now. My fashion changes all the time and I always find myself drawn to different styles. Here are my three main ones.I don't exactly pull this one off that well, but I fall into it in the summer a lot.
Tastes: indie music, organic food, philosophy, Beatles

I love being this person the most! She's naive and happy and kind. She's a romantic, and I want to say I'm her a lot of the time.
Tastes: Regina Samson, pastries, fairy tales
This is my school attitude, kind of. And when I buy something expensive, this is usually how I do it.
Tastes: any music, IPhone, Vogue

Does anyone else feel like this?


Violet said...

yeah i have different styl personalities too

bohemian artist (one we share)

bad ass stylistia lol

and college bound actavist

(sad names i need a better labels)

yours are cool the last one is very breakfast at tiffany's/gossip girl

Vi from Cali

Julia mode said...

love your photos, and this blog !!=)


la petite fashionista said...

very true! i have a lot of "style personlities" from preppy gossip girl, edgy erin wasson-ish, to laid back surfer girl. :)

camilla said...

I like the industrious sociallite ;)