dear tyra banks,

I was initially a fan of you. You seemed like the down to earth, super model, best friend kind of girl. You were cool, and you started a show for aspiring models. Your THS was wonderful, and I thought of you as a role model.
But now? Now I think you are nothing more than an attention wanting diva hidden underneath a thin guise of being the "Mama." You are using your show, "America's Next Top Model" to keep yourself famous and make aspiring models look like idiots. Oh, and teaching little girls of the world that being a cocky bitch is okay. And as long as you like the girl, it doesn't matter what talent, or lack there of, she has, she'll at least make it far.
Case in point last season in which both Marjorie and Analeigh (both fantastic models, Marjorie was high fashion times ten with her poses!) were kicked off before Samantha, who it was obvious from the beginning was your favorite pet (Sure she improved, but realistically speaking, she had nothing on either of those two girls!). Now, this season, I refused to watch. But seeing as how there was nothing on TV, I flicked to it for ohh about five minutes before remember why I was truly disgusted with Tyra Banks and ANTM: She allowed a bitchy, conniving, carping diva-wannabe in over a girl who this bitchy diva-wannabe (I think her name was Sandra?) bullied. And, this girl (whose name I don't think I heard) not only told her story of sleeping in a bathroom stall in NY for auditions because she didn't have enough money, but handled bitchy Sandra with quite a bit of maturity.
Really, Tyra? Really? Was it because you really liked the freaky bone sticking out of Sandra's forehead? Or you want to be a publicity whore and, in the future, help out this charity case on your other joke of a show?
Please, any of you who watch, feel free to tell me I'm totally wrong. Because as far as I can tell, I will NOT be watching anymore of her awful shows.
PS What else does it say that she made a movie of a truly awful series of books, The Clique? Girls STOP looking at this evil wretch of a former a supermodel becasue her morals are obviously dissolute. Just because she's got a "homegirl" attitude and a bright smile, does not make her good.
PPS I remember reading about her being a former bully in grade school? Guess you start out that way and you never stop...

Sorry about the length of this post, I just needed to rant..


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la petite fashionista said...

Tyra's definitely let her ego get the best of her. I used to admire her a lot as well and I can see that she seems to have let her recent fame change her a lot.

quelle said...

i don't think you're in the wrong at all. i used to love tyra too, when she was a super model in the 90s and when she filled out and did victoria's secret and showed ppl it was ok to not be a size 0 and still be hot. and even when she started ANTM, i still liked her. as the cycles continued to churn out, i could see her getting more and more egotistical. AND CHEESY. i hate anything she has to say and the overload of cheesiness she dishes out each cycle, but i can't look away. it's a train wreck! and i personally love seeing former ANTM contestants who didn't win kicking ass in the real world now.