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I think I'm going to do my first beauty post! Yayy I read so many magazines & have tried about a trillion different products/learned a bunch of different tricks, I feel the need to share them with everyone. They're such quirky, odd tips.

in the shower...
1. Steps: Shampoo, Rinse, Condition, Wash Skin, Rinse-- this way you can give your conditioner time to settle in.
2. Hey, do your face washing in the shower! You're already wet, and you'll probably save water too. I always do mine right after I shampoo.
3. Shampoo only at the scalp, & Condition from middle of the hair down to the ends.--Shampoo foam, when rinsed, will reach the ends anyway. And this way your roots won't get greasy as easily.
4. Take an icy shower.--Ok, don't go overboard and straight through. But at the end of your shower, turn the faucet all the way cold and stand for about a minute. (Or as long as you can take it.) This wakes you and your skin up. I love, love this tip. Every morning, it blasts me awake.

your face: skin
1. In the kit: Daily Moisturizer, Night moisturizer, an exfoliating scrub, a foam cleanser, a daily cleanser, toner, make up removal
2.Exfolite every other day or three times a week, but NEVER every day!! Too harsh
--A good homemade scrub? Brown sugar & milk
3. Wash your make up every night, no matter how tired you feel.
4. When applying face lotion, put a bit on your eyelashes to help condition them (it works =))
5. If you have bangs, try keeping them off your face at night, as it increase the grease on your skin & causes acne
6. Vaseline is a timeless classic for lips. At night, put some water on your lips, then put on loads of vaseline, and bam! perfect, plump lips

your face: make up
1. Products: Blush, Lip Balm, Vaseline, Simple Mascara, Lip Gloss, Red Lipstick, Pale Pink Lipstick, Normal Lip color Lipstick
NOTE: I'm not a big make up girl. I can't wear any eyeshadow product because I have monolids and it just looks ridiculous. And I've never needed foundation or anything like that, so I've just never bothered getting any. Plus when I tried to get tinted mosturizer, there was none that matched my color.
2. Dab lipstick on with your finger, it makes it ten times better.
3. Use an eyelash curler. It makes a difference, trust me.
4. Michelle Phan on Youtube--excellent make up advice
5. To help make up stay, blow a blowdryer at your face (far from it though!) for a minute or so
6. ALWAYS start with mosturizer!

your body:
1. Products: Pretty Smelling shower gel, moisturizing shower gel, radiance lotion, moisturizing lotion, & vaseline
2. Exfoliate: (I do it dry right before I hope in the shower) You can a) do a scrub of white sugar & lemon juice or b) take a dry loofah and rub all over.
3. Feet! Most important. Vaseline again is the perfect thing for feet. Dry them, coat on vaseline, and put in a sock for overnight softness. Works wonders.
3. Use your face products on your hands.
4. Lotions with little sparkles in them (usually radiance lotions) are both fun and actually work.

1.Products: volumizing shampoo, hydrating conditioner, color shampoo (made for your hair color), deep conditioner, straightening shampoo & conditioner; hair spray, dry shampoo, mouse, & gel
2. Use volumizing shampoo & hydrating conditioner for curls; once a week do the color & deep conditioner, for straight hair use the straightening
3. The best way to get wavy curls is to use a steam curler. They're quick, easy, & they do the least amount of damage to your hair.
4. Quickie Blow Out: Start with wet hair, work mouse into the scalp. Blow dry with a paddle brush, aiming the nozzle of the hair dryer down to prevent frizz. Once dry, flip over and spray hair spray. Then flip back over, spray hair spray in brush, and light brush strands down.
5. Use Vegetable/Olive Oil in your hair once in a while before you shampoo & condition to really cleanse & condition it

Finished! Thanks for reading all this, and I hope you found some useful tips.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful post with some really good tips! thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh, also just saw your comment on my blog. Thanks! Pride and Prej is AMAZING (I would marry Mr. Darcy without the blink of an eye...) and hopefully you'll enjoy the ending of Gatsby, though I found it horribly sad :-(

ahh where would we be without good literature?

The Queen of Hearts said...

I'm massive on exfoliating, that and drinking as much water as I can (oh and FISH OIL, that's another skin secret). This was a really great bit here, I will be back periodically to re-read the steps, haha : )

And as for J Brands, they are the best for the figured girls...I didn't think so either, but I had this friend who s-w-o-r-e by them and for ages I was like, "I don't know," but I tried a few pairs on and now I can't imagine wearing anything else.

Anonymous said...

oh what a lovely post!:)
i think i've read some useful tips my dear:)
oh and i like that picture with the cupcakes...

muchlove said...

Yay! thanks for mentioning me :)
btw, awesome beauty post!

Diana said...

ah i need to wash my face every night. i only do it when i want. grrr.

ps i am adding you to my links!!

coco said...

I may have to try your tips for curls. I have such straight hair and crave waves.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i love beauty posts, thanks for sharing all these tips! :)

Amelia said...

I love the in the shower picture. Great tips!

agnes said...

A good post filled with lots of useful tips! well, I must say I'm a rather lazy person, (my skin/hair are doing okay, so I care not), but your post reminds me the importance of taking good care of them, I will definitely try out some tips soon. thanks :)

Putri Erdisa said...

well, this post is great!
those are very useful tips--at least for me! :D
nice job dear. you made me dont wanna click the X button from your page. haha :D
please visit mine, would be so happy to meet you there. :)