t-minus six days

Me kissing my passport =)
So, as exciting as my trip is, the planning and packing has proven to be quite time and energy consuming (thus my lack of posts!) To make up for it, I'm going to make this a nice, loongg post that'll hopefully tide you over until my next one. (Which will probably not be until Sunday, if at all, when I'm packing my clothes and everything!) I have at least over a 100 pages to read of Huck Finn and a chapter to learn in Trig, so AHH. (This will be updated too during the rest of the afternoon, as I'm about to run off to my LAST trip meeting.

Thank you so much Diana this is my very first award, so I'm super excited =) I wasn't sure which award would be mine, so I chose the lemonade stand, as I love lemonade. Haha
Can I award it back? Because then I award it back to Diana. Other than that I tag everyone (I know it's a cop out...) who has helped me reach double digit posting because for me that was a milestone, as when I started out, I was racking up 0 comments like nobody's business, and I've had, I believe, about two other failed blogs before this one. So thank you, in the words of my favorite model (Analeigh Tipton), you-are-a-miracle. =)

Some Updates...
-Blahh the evening took a different turn, so I had much less time than I thought! Well, I'll just share with you-all some updates I've made to the blog (i.e. not much). I'm working on a new header, as the season is changing once again =). I will have added a blog award to the side (once I get the time to get that all situated. Thank you, Diana!). And I've added a few pictures to the side of what or whom I am dreaming of... Also, to help you out if you're like me and like to look at archives-I've divided some of my posts into the main categories they usually fall. Tom Sturridge, Brit actor, isn't he gorgeous?
PS Does anyone know how I can make it so that I have a sidebar on each side?


Diana said...

We'll miss you!!

Flashes of Style said...

Girl your glasses are so cute! Have a great trip :)

Ariella said...

Aww, he is quite gorgeous.

Have a wonderful trip!

aubrey said...

have a safe trip:)
oh and congrats for the award!!

la petite fashionista said...

Have a lovely vacation!

& ahh british actors are so ridiculously good looking! :)