a home is a home is a home is a home

I'm home =) and very tired. I'm still in the process of replying to comments. Thank you for all your wonderful tips! I'll post more about the trip later, but I thought I'd highlight a few fashion moments. Sadly, comfort won out of style for a lot of the days, especially for rain. But I had a few good days, plus cute accessories that helped me survive. I did lose my peace sign necklace in Florence, RIP to that =( But I did pick up a sweet leather jacket from a vendor in Florence plus a sweet masque, so it all balanced out.

first pic: jacket/florence;dress/kohls;boots/steve madden
second pic: dress/heritage
third pic: flannel/aero; shorts/steve & barry's;leggings/kohls
sunglasses- target

I also know now that I am born to travel. I definitely have wander lust.


Diana said...

yes! so cool to see some posts! i hate the feeling of coming back from a vacation. you must miss it already!

aubrey said...

oh i will be flying to florida on my next holidays!:D
can't waitto see the palms and beach:)
where exactly in fl?

Pop Champagne said...

Your plaid shirt looks so cute on you :D

Ariella said...

Your outfits are so cute! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip :)

Flower crowns are really easy to make, and doesn't take long at all. Maybe I'll make a tutorial sometime in the future!

Devonbella said...

nice blog!:D

Susan said...

Interesting post!! Your outfit is so cute. I too would like to pick one from Kohls.