"you both dream of a world that does not exist--and never will"

I've been writing a lot about movies... Hmm well here's another one. I've been in workout mode, so fashion is not exactly there, persay, and I did sit on a plane for twelve hours; movies were apart of the trip.
The Duchess was a really tragic movie. And not in the dying lovers brought together in another world way either. But, as my friend Ryan puts it, in the "unfortunate" way. As in, yes this really did happen, and yes there was nothing, for her time, that she could possibly do about it. Keira Knightly played the part perfectly, portraying the coy charisma, heartbreaking confinement, and liberal "Tory" many historians know as Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire.The beginning played out quite nicely, with her still a child basically, having a good time with her friends. Meanwhile the Duke of Devonshire is talking with her mother and arranging their marriage. His requirements? A male heir.

I love her speaking for Charles Grey, a nobody politician who will become on of Britain's prime ministers. Here she portrays the coy charisma that made the inner circles fall in love with her.

Ah, and the Duke, played by none other than Ralph Fiennes. He plays the icy, too practical husband well. I really wanted him to fall down a well by the end of the movie. He isn't even the aloof, but lovably kind either (like in The Painted Veil)
1) He forces her to take in his illegitimate daughter, Charlotte, and care for her. Luckily for him, G does come to love Charlotte.2) He steals her best friend, Bess Foster. Out of all the women in the world, he decides to have an affair with her only friend. Why does Bess comply? Because her abusive husband beat her and kept her from her children. The Duke brought those boys back to her.And 3) When G wanted to have her own lover, Charles Grey, he adamantly refused. He did not mind living in a menage a trois with Bess and G, but for G to love Charles Grey? Absolutely not.

And whats the end? Spoilers if you don't want to know, but it's kind of obvious. As it is history: the Duke threatens G, and tells her she will never see her children again if she continues with Charles Grey. So G stays with her family, living in a sort of captivity the rest of her life with her children. When she dies, the Duke marries Bess. Oh, and Charles Grey becomes prime minister. And that, my friends, is why history is a fascinating subject.


Diana said...

Nice review and yes, I will still watch just for the costumes! I noticed you have a great eye for that!

ZZ said...

Oohhh!! I've read a lot about the Dutchess. I haven't seen it yet but I have to admit, the costumes looks stunning and I'm sure Keria Knightly won't dissapoint.
YES! I LOVE SHE. Yeaah, Romantic Princess is sweet (and surreal). Haha. She needs a GPS to get around that house?! LOL.
Do you like Fahrenheit?
Speak to you soon. xx

Maria said...

I saw this film and i like it..
Keira is so beautiful..!

muchlove said...

oooh, I LOVED that movie!! The visual and costumes are stunning, and I found the story very fascinating.

Ruxandra said...

i've planned on watching that movie because it's with Keira:)

la petite fashionista said...

who knew that history could be so scandalous?

Enep said...

Keira is gorgeous :D


ZZ said...

Hey; of course I know Mike He and yes, he is the hottest male in this century and an amazing sense of humour. I love the guy.
Do you know Rainie Yang? I think the make the cutest couple!! (:

BTW: I really enjoyed reading your review of the Dutchess! Nice work girl.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

I loved the costume in the duchess, so over the top and beautiful. I love the blue dress she wears at the beginning, and the fur muff she holds announcing Charles Grey. Such a good movie. xo

ana b. said...

Yeah. I walked out of the cinema pretty sad after this one! It certainly isn't a feel good movie. At least it was wonderful to look at.

tanya said...

I recently saw it and thought it was well acted and a pretty solid movie despite the tragic story. Great review!

boubou said...

lovely inspiration ;)nice blog !
a bientot !