"into the expanse of forever..."

sleepless nights haunt her eyes.
cruel realities invade her dreams.
she tosses and turns and lays awake.
her mouth is filled with silent screams,
her smiles and laughs are growing fake.
she's falling thought she tries and tries.

the words are blurring on the page.
the coffee cup is not full enough.
teacher's drone goes on and on and on.
her dreams explode in a single puff.
her fantasies, her little world are gone.
she's being locked in an internal cage.

she tosses her pens and burns her book
she blasts the music and screams along.
she throws off the khakis and collared shirt.
she swings her hair to a brand new song.
she throws on a suit and a small, short skirt.
she leaves the prison without a single look.

and she drives and drives for miles more.
the wind is blowing, the radio turned high.
and she is flying above all around her.
with nothing to stop her, save maybe the sky.
and she is breaking, breaking free of this world.
she stands at the edge...onetwothree four...

and the world is leaving, the ties, they sever
and now she is falling into the expanse of forever

another random attempt at poetry =)


muchlove said...

that was beautiful! You are very talented.

Diana said...

wow, you are very passionate!

ZZ said...

Wowww is all I can say.
Thumbs up. (: xxx