proms of past

Be prepared. Sunday will most likely be dedicated to the how-tos of prom primping the extent girls go through to look amazing! For now, have fun with famous prom looks. =)
10 Things I hate About You

Drive Me Crazy
(Oh my... at least D looked cute!)

Gossip Girl

Never Been Kissed
(Theme prom: anyone remember malibu barbie?)

Prom Night
(Never actually saw this... but cute dresses)

"You Belong With Me"
(Reason #49384 to love Taylor Swift)

And please, whatever you do, never let anyone come to prom like this:

PS Leighton Meester's "Bad Girl"

Not the hugest fan of it, but it's definitely catchy.


la petite fashionista said...

have so much fun at prom! i miss having an excuse to go out & buy a fabulous formal dress :) do take pictures! <3


Diana said...

i hope you find the inspiration from your prom posts!

what mom would let her daughter wear a dress like that?? i am sure a handful but not me!

Anonymous said...

i've never ever been to a real american prom!!:D

Anonymous said...

LOL. That last pic.. Haha.
Have a great time at your prom!!! I'm very envious.

coco said...

10 Things is such a good film. And Heath looked so cute in it.

NOELLE said...

"Prom Night" was a horrrrrible movie!! HORRIBLE! lol