finally a teen vogue worth blogging about

Ugh, I don't know if you've noticed the past two Teen Vogue covers were pathetic. Miley Cyrus followed by Selena Gomez? Disney stars-what?! They were doing so well with Leighton Meester and then Taylor Swift and then, even though I'm still warming up to her, Emma Roberts, and then BAM. I love the criticism in this one about the Miley Cyrus cover: "Lately it seems that Teen Vogue has been trying to appeal to a typical crowd, rather than featuring more diverse and talenteed stars..."
But, TV has changed their ways and featured Emma Watson. Aka the new Burberry Girl. Aka Hermione Granger, the single greatest witch ever. Aka the girl who may be looking at one of the same colleges as me!! (And she wants to do the normal roommate thing too!) Albeit her chances of getting into Brown University are about a trillion times better than mine, but still how cool would it be if you got your roommate papers and saw "Emma Watson" written down?
Her interview was amazing as well. She's very...calm? It stinks that unless a role comes along that she feels as strongly about as Hermione, she's not going to act anymore!! Maybe she'll stay in the magazines though for her style, because she's transformed into having some amazing outfits.

PS I love the "Recessionista" piece and of course the last page where they feature some girl's style. This one is a Givenchy!

What do you guys think yay or nay to Teen Vogue's August choice?


Pop Champagne said...

When I first saw the Burberry ad that Emma did I was like whoaaaaa she grew up!! I could only imagine her doing the cute Harry Potter role and now she's hot and stuff! lol

sherin said...

Emma Watson grew up beautifully. I love her style these days and shes absolutely stunning.

La Couturier said...

I feel as if the Recessionista piece wasn't as "recessionista" as it could have been.

But Emma Watson's article & editorial was stunnninggggg (: I love her!

La C.

Anonymous said...

emma watson! my favorite person ever! those disney stars really need to not be in fashion magazines. they don't have great fashion senses in my opinion. i love the clothes she wears in this.

Leia said...

Loving it!

Macaron Treats ♥♥ said...

Emma Watson is soo gorgeous! I remember when I was really young when the first harry potter movie coming out watching it in London (where I lived at that point)I always thought she was so pretty! And I adored Hermiones character. No I have grown up I realized it was just a character and the real Emma Watson is soo much better!!


Anonymous said...

I know I couldn't get over this editorial when I saw it..was so glad to see Emma Watson on the cover after those last two disastrous issues!

lily x

coco said...

Teen Vogue has been ruined this year. I don't buy it any more, although this issue looks really good. I like Emma so I might buy.

The Clothes Horse said...

Emma Watson rocks...but Teen Vogue always tries to appeal to a typical crowd--they're sense of diversity and uniqueness is a joke...

Adela said...

TOTALLY AGREE! i loooooved looove loooved the cover shoot so much-maybe my fave-and the bargain shopping articel was fabulous too. i didnt think the personal style page was that great though, but everything else was nice =)

Anonymous said...


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