{friday finds}: ardelle, fashion genius

i've always wanted to do an interview.
and i thought since i go on about my friends,
i'd introduce you to one.
so meet ardelle.
not only gorgeous, she's got a brain as well
(biology/chemistry related majors, huh?!)
describe your style:
I like to make sure I feel strong and put together
When I lay my outfits for the next day out...
Now I'm kinda leaning on the bohemian/ hippie style

favorite stores:
I tend to get majority of {my clothes} from Charlotte Russe.
speaking in a designer sense-
They have the coolest designs
and they're form fitted clothes
are made for women's natural design and shape.
style icons:
Beyonce-because she makes what she has work for her.
Leighton Meester- She always pushes the limits
and looks great in pretty much anything.
Halle Berry-She looks amazing in her 40s
and always looks chic and put together

must have fall items:
loads and loads of new heels!
I just really want to start
my own collection of fabulous shoes!
And why not?
My feet aren't growing anymore!

Isn't she awesome?
I paraphrased the interview a lot, so if you're curious
for her full answers just e-mail me and let me know.


clarewbrown said...

What a great interview! What a cute girl! This is great! You should do more of these, you have a great knack for it.

La Couturier said...

I need new heels as well; I've been accumulating a decent collection because my feet have stopped growing since I was in the sixth grade!

La C.

Jill Pilgrim said...

Ardelle is gorgeous! I kind of hate her. Except she seems sweet. Hmm....

Amelia said...

Great interview! I like the first picture.

Cafe Fashionista said...

She's so adorable - inside and out. Great interview! :)