i <3 chloe

i love the chloe 2010 resort colletion.
if i could afford designer clothes,
chloe would be at the top of my list.
sigh to being a teenager.
{PS: My cheeks now resemble a chipmunks}



Pop Champagne said...

they're preppy yet relaxed, I like I like :D

Sara said...

omg...that yellow skirt..why does it have to be so gorgeous when I can't have it?

Marian said...

i love chloe too, the balance is always right. how gorge are the pleated designs?

Eliza said...

oh, the outfit with the yellow skirt is very gorgeous :)! oh, and i shall not say nothing about the truth in that photo, i have my own fantasies too about it :) thank you for the sweet comment <3

Uninvoked said...

I'd be embarrassed to wear it. >.< Ruffles. Bleh.