{q:}better than the swan princess?

{a:} the swan princess in italian.
because "la voce dell'amore"
is better than "far longer than forever"

enjoying youtube clips of one of my favorite movies
and unpacking everything from my beach trip.
i definitely intended on cool pictures
but....well i was lazy and boring, plus laid around
so nothing really interesting
plus there was this really bad storm that came by
aka Hurricane Danny
but it was nice to visit the Jersey shore again,
it's been a while.

{PS I saw the Utz house. let's just say
we pay wayy to much for our potato chips!}


Amelia said...

Why have I not seen this movie before?!? It sounds so wonderful in Italian.

Eliza said...

oh, it's wonderful that you feel that way about Anastasia *-* it's really amazing, yes :) the 'at the beginning' song as well. expresses so much... i always loved the swan princess too! Odette is a wonderful name. and i loved the whole story and imagery. it's beautiful, beautiful. <3

Sara said...

I think Italian is a beautiful language! Very poetic :)

Thank you for your comment,really....it made me smile! x

Anonymous said...

i wish my speakers were working :( youtube isn't the same without volume! i love everything in your "fall top five" entry. take care x

Anonymous said...

oh my god! this movie brings back so many memories!!!!!!! i love it so much. i just bought sleeping beauty on dvd and i plan on watching a bunch of animated movies before school starts again.