i love you, new york

this picture is my friend and i in NYC
all these bloggers in the city
and my desire for another visit
led me to re-visit my photos from this past winter
and of course practice my editing skills
since i don't own a Polaroid camera

thank you for all the birthday wishes!
my birthday is actually today!
didn't realize how my last post sounded.
my friend took the party pics,
so i'm waiting for her to post them of facebook.
i can't wait to show you-all the cake! abby is a genius.


Sara said...

Happy, happy birthday sweetest!

I hope you have an amazing day and get all the presents on your list :) x

ThatTeen said...

Whaa! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (: 生日快乐!
And you edited well, very authentic. ;P xo

yiqin; said...

Happpy birthday :D

Amelia said...

Happy birthday!!! Cute picture. I love the fake polaroid.

Pop Champagne said...

awww cute, you two look so cute and happy!! btw I love the polaroid idea :D

Pop Champagne said...

And yeah I agree, no wonder our economy is in trouble and playboy is going bankrupt! When people pick up that magazine they want to see naked ladies, not some somewhat famous relaity star being somewhat not naked! They can just surf the net and get that for free! lol

Eliza said...

oh, happy birthday dear! even though here in portugal is already past midnight. but i hope you had a great day :)!

thank you for the lovely comment too. i do have happiness as well, of course, :) but somehow more the bittersweet kind of it ♥

Dakota said...


clarewbrown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mine is on wednesday! Hurray for Aug Birthdays!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ok happy birthday for REAL. Except now I'm late haha. GOSH I'm always early or late...but I adore you and that is the cutest picture EVER EVER EVER!

And girl you are too sweet!! You're going to do great things...I can tell, and I can't wait to see! XOXO!!