va va voom fashion

got the nicest message today in the e-mail:
hey there
me and my sister came across your blog .........
and it was so amazing that we just cant click any other more blogs..
Everything you blogged about ,
its all soooooooo INSPIRING and interesting !
we really appreciate it a lot !!
your the best
sonia and charlene(we love u )!
it made my morning =)
but i wondered who these girls were,
so i went to their "blog" and discovered it was a store
and i kind of fell in love with some of the designs.
actually a lot of the designs.
absolutely lovely, fairly reasonable prices
{see that first dress? its $14.50!)
so do check these lovely girls out.
they have some amazing pieces.


yiqin; said...

The tube dress is cute :D

La Couturier said...

This is all quite darling!

Imagine if Sarah Palin did get the vice presidency – the very thought scares me! Did you watch her speech upon resigning from her position? She sounded rather dense. And that would be an understatement.

La C.