beauty in clutter

my bedroom is as messy as any teenager's
i don't necessarily have clothes lying around
but i have papers and books and shoes mostly.
i love my room though, it's my "haven."and while on the theme of beauty in clutter,
i thought i'd share with you all
some of the things that are making this year
a little less crazy....

-apple picking this saturday
-my close, hilarious friends
-reading books like Louisa May Alcott's
-enjoying these gorgeous, sunshiny days
-loving how beautiful everything seems these days

happy monday


Marian said...

love the images honey! how pretty

Kym said...

apple picking sounds like fun! i tried blueberry picking before but that was tiring :( especially in the hot summer sun! :(

ana b. said...

This is a very cheerful Monday post which brightened my day. I love clutter too, especially knick knacks. Unfortunately I have both mess and knick knack clutter in my room. Your collection of clutter is very pretty.

Pop Champagne said...

have fun apple picking!! There's only so many warm days left for the year so enjoy it while it lasts!

hehe yeah I love concerts! If I was rich I'd def go to more of them :D

yiqin; said...

I want the vera wang princess perfume!!!! omg

E said...

I don't know, I think it looks very pretty and sophisticated! kind of victorian in a way... love the hydrangea, too!