teen vogue, i forgive you

i do, honestly.
despite your terrible seventeen style cover
i forgive you, because
a) okay, taylor lautner is totally hott
b) sara paxton was in your list of starsand, most importantly.
TOM STURRIDGE WAS FEATURED{what i would give to be her...}

i love him in the admiring fan sort of way
nothing creepy or obsessive
i just think he's so beautiful -drools-
i do hope he gets big soon,
because i want to see more of him in movies!


Azn Glow said...

Such lush photos. And I agree on the hotness factor.


Keith said...

My sis bought the latest issue of the magazine because my cousin was going to be in the hospital.

Sher said...

I'm not sure who he is but I can see his appeal:)

Gabbi said...

I'm with Sher, not sure who he is but I see what you mean! :)

Sara said...

hey! I love seventeen!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Yay! Another Sara Paxton fan - I have loved her for ages. And yes, I too cringed at the Taylor Lautner cover - so un-Teen Vogue like, if you ask me! :)

Amelia said...

I know, the cover was just terrible! I definitely wasn't impressed with the issue as a whole, but the list of up-and-coming stars was pretty good.