{friday finds}:nicholas, the scientific photographer

Meet my friend Nicholas,
He's a genuine science nerd and photography genius.
Lucky for me he's both my friend and lab partner =)
So here are his top five photographer tips
{and his favorite camera of the moment}
Plus some of my favorite of his shots1) Make sure your shutter speed is above
1/[focal length (x crop factor)]

2) For close up portraits, keep a low depth of field
zoom as much as the conditions allow.3) Megapixels aren't everything.
A camera phone with 12 mp isn't better
than a DSLR with 10 mp

4) Rule of Thirds5) if you have the chance, shoot in RAW*.Favorite Camera? canon rebel XS

Side note on pics:
1) his self portrait, 2) a double shot of France.
3) Our friend Lexy (who you'll hear more from in the future!)
4) Another way of viewing the Eiffel Tower

*a file format that has more information than the ones that you normally have.
You can adjust exposure and colors without distortion


Melanie's Randomness said...

Love the first pic and the effiel tower pic!! I've never seen that view, it's really cool!!

Gabbi said...

I love the self portrait!! Genius idea... :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

That Eiffel Tower picture thrills me. I love the way it's shot. Ooh, I am now completely smitten with Nicholas and his photography - tres talented he is! :)