a majorly, minorly unhealthy obsession

Okay, so this clashes horribly with this blog
And the pictures I'm posting are too.
But. I cannot stop loving and obsessing over
And I need to let everyone know it's amazingness.{this song. this song was epic}
And she is absolutely adorably hilarious.
From her pristine, cute style as the guidance counselor
to her OCD cleanliness that leads her to doing things
like wiping off a bench at a football game.
She's the same actress as Charlie from Ugly Betty & Heroes.

You absolutely must try out this show.
It is just SO funny and the music is amazing.
Plus, um, Kristin Chenoweth makes an appearance.
Yeah, the blonde from Wicked. & she was in Pushing Daisies.
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Anonymous said...

Um YES! I just started watching Glee on Hulu this weekend and I am HOOKED! It is splendid, poignant AND there's singing! Hurray!

E said...

I need to watch this. I hear it's amazing.

ana b. said...

I love Kristin!

Sara said...

AWEEE! I've been watching the songs on youtube!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i've heard people talking about it but haven't actually seen it myself... may have to check it out!! :) i adore some of the outfits i see here!!


yiqin; said...

The green cardgian is pretty :)

Sara Lynn said...

hey! I am new to blogspot, I started following your blog, it is very cute! Glee is awesome.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I feel as if I'm completely out of the loop. Everyone is raving about this show, and I have yet to see it. You make me want to even more! :)

Gabbi said...
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Gabbi said...

I LOVE this show and the music is amazing! Isn't the counselor's style great too... I want that green sweater! :)

muchlove said...

I *just* finished watching the 2nd episode of Glee. I'm still catching up, but am absolutely loving everything so far!
Oooh, cannot wait to see Kristin Chenoweth's appearance..