{sunday inspiration}: decadence

It's probably because money is an issue right now
{stupid college applications/lame financial aid}
but lately all I want to do is get dressed up
Marie Antoinette style, throw on a masque, slip into heels,
and dance until the sun peeks above the horizon.
I want to flirt with mysterious, handsome strangers,
eat and drink pure luxuries like macaroons and champagne
and not have a care in the world for only a night.
-sigh- too bad reality isn't quite as lovely as that,
but we can dream and imagine, right?


Melanie's Randomness said...

Love the last image. Of course we can dream & imagine!! That's my favorite part of my day! Masquerade balls really need to come back into style!

Good luck dear on the college applications. I've been there. I could never understand why they charge people to apply?!?!? It's a hassle but it'll pay off!! =)

I tagged you dear for an award too so I hope that'll make ya smile!

ana b. said...

I love Marie Antoinette. It's so astoundingly gorgeous to look at. Sorry about the financial worries. It always sucks having to think about that stuff, right?

la petite fashionista said...

ah i love all things marie antoinette! I went to versailles over the summer and could totally envision myself living a life of luxury in the palace!

Tori said...

I love all these pictures! Very pretty. I love Marie Antoinette. =D

Anonymous said...

*le sad* I wish money wasn't issue for me either. I am on the other end of the spectrum of where you are now. I am not paying back all those loans I got for undergrad and grad school! Ugh! Lawd, it is CRAZY! I will be poor forever... But I can live vicariously through lovely photos like these!

Keith said...

Great photos. Yeah, dreaming is wonderful. It's nice to get away from reality at times and imagine how we wish things could be.

CHICMUSE said...



Cafe Fashionista said...

Good grief, we are so suffering from the same affliction, darling. I am struggling in math, studying until my brain goes numb, and trying to keep up with every other aspect of life. I just want an escape, and this one sounds perfect. I want to dress up in pretty dresses and dance the night (or rather, several nights) away! :)

Some Girl said...

I love Marie Antoinette. Always have. The first of my great inspirations.