it's raining on halloween nighttt

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween
This my last "childhood" one, and I'm glad I went out
The past two years were spent handing out candy,
So it was so much fun to be a kid again
I ran around in a 60's girl dress, barefoot.
Strangers stared, my ankles went sort of numb,
and I was drenched through and through.
In short, best Halloween ever.I don't have pictures from the actual night.
These are all from Friday, my swim team dressed up
for the YMCA's safehouse event.
{I was a forest nymph}

{Darth Vader & Wednesday Addams}
{the cowboy couple, yes, they are ridiculously adorable}
{King Leonidas & Captain Jack Sperrow}
I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!


Sher said...

Gorgeous, forest nymphs are the best:)

tokyostargirl said...

Oh how I wish I was young again!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, you look so angelic as a forest nymph. Absolutely adorable. Wednesday Addams...I wanted to be her as a child. Not for Halloween though - year-round! Glad you had a Happy Halloween! :)

♥ Marta from With Love... said...

Aww..sounds like a perfect Halloween! Very cute costume :) That's a wonderful idea...I want to be a nymph next Halloween!

clarewbrown said...

Great Halloween photos! I love your forest nymph costume! Very cute :)

Macaron Treats ♥♥ said...

Just Wonderful! I adore the pictures and you look so cute!! Lovely idea


yiqin; said...

The costumes are so fab!! <3

Fashion Cappuccino said... cute!! Love couples and their costumes!! You look so pretty as a nymph! xoxoxoxo

issa said...

oh how fun!!! love the costumes :)

E said...

What great costumes! Love how your photos turned out, too!

Kristiana V said...

Omg the last picture haha :DD