changes are afoot...

I've been feeling quite wishy-washy with blogging lately.
I haven't quite found my "voice" and I keep changing my style.
I don't even know how to quite label my blog per say.
Life is absolutely crazy right now
And I'm going on about five-six hours of a sleep a night =(
But the new year's on the horizon,
And I think it's time I change things around a little.
I'm thinking taking down my two blogs (My third one is school related)
And meshing them into one.{}
No need to separate my ideas and thoughts
From the fashion and pictures that inspire me, right?

I'll be in New York City tomorrow,
soaking up inspiration and planning my future life!
I don't know how posting is going to be until I "update" everything.
But I just wanted to say thank you
to my readers and followers and commenters in general
You guys are the sweetest and reading blogs is my favorite.

On a Side Note: my giveaway
consider it a sort of going out sha-bang =)


Anonymous said...

Yes i had the same exact issue when i first starting blogging, and sometimes I still have it now. It takes a while to truly find your voice or your niche. But I love this blog, it is fab... keep on plugging girl, you'll do great things!

TheFashionAve said...

lovely blog and i like the picture, it looks amazing.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Do whatever makes you happy dear. =)

Have fun in New York!!

Diana said...

I think it's much easier to have it in one, you'll find your voice much easier in the direction.
but i agree with the other comment, do what is best for you :)

Melissa Z. said...

nice blog!

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