Ciao Everyone,

Just call me S. I hate introductions, and I don't want to bore you a whole lot, since getting to know me takes time. If you read my blogs, over time I'm sure you'll understand me a bit better.
I thought I would dedicate my first entry to inspirations.
Who or what are yours? Personally I have quite a few....

Brigitte Bardot
She's probably my biggest inspiration. I love how relaxed she is with herself, and how confident she is in her own skin. I know there was fuss about her over racial/homophobia... I don't really care. Everyone has their bad points, and we're not sure to what extent all this is true. Hey, Helen Keller was a Communist & huge USSR supporter, but you don't hear a whole lotta fuss about that do you?
Anyhow, I find inspiration in Bardot whenever I want to feel that easy sexiness she simply oozed. That sexiness that was somewhere between nativity and omniscient intelligence.

Audrey Hepburn

Talk about a true and cliche icon to have, but in all honesty I do admire her. She's almost like a balance to the bohemien Bardot, don't you think? But in all honesty, she survived the Holocaust (that's pretty much why she's so bone thin...), and she always manages to be classy and clean. I did watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and Paris When it Sizzles. I can't think if I've watched anything else with her in it though... All I know is, I think she's adorable. Her clothes make me love Givenchy.

Rachel BilsonStyle icon mostly. I mean, I'm not an acting critic or whatever, so I'd say her acting seems pretty fine to me. She was my favorite in The OC. And she's short, like me, so that's a plus. (=p) But her clothes; seriously the girl can dress herself. I always pull style inspiration from her. I'm so excited for her line for DKNY Jeans this fall and her new move New York, I Love You.

Those are a few of celebrity inspirations. I mean, I have a ton others, but these three inspire me the most of celebrities/icons.


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