Shopping List: Fall o8

Hola Todos,

So, with the sad idea that school IS going to be starting in less than a month, I have had clothing shopping on my mind (Hey, any excuse to shop...;p). Since this year I am far more into fashion than I ever have been (It's such an addiction...), I have been thinking about all the trends to choose from. Personally, my style has always been such a mix of things. I love the menswear trend, but I'm also the biggest girly girl at heart. I love little short baby doll dresses just as much as I love a structure, fitted vest.
In short, my closet is filled with a variety of styles from a few bohemian pieces (I think this sprung for my love of Bardot!), lots of girly pieces, very grown up dresses, and laid back/sporty clothes from my AE and A&F loving days. The bottom of my closet is filled with shoes, from ballet flats to bow tie heels to round toed pumps to slip on sneakers.
If one were to look at it, I really don't need back to school clothes. But, alas, the Victoria Secret catalogue came the other day along with Teen Vogue & CosmoGirl, and the urge to shop is upon me. So, now for my list of what a I want...

1. Victorian Style Blouses
I love anything that's a throw back to the 1800's, it's my favorite time period. I have this cute dress from Heritage that has the Victorian style top, but is short. I love it.

2. Vests
I like the idea of a vest bringing structure to a loose fitting outfit. Plus, I dunno... There's something a little bit edgy, a little bid bohemion, and a little bit mensweary about a vest...

3. Backless Shirts/Dresses
I love the idea of anything backless! It really is super sexy without the skankiness that a low cut top or midriff baring top could bring if not done exactly right. I have a black one I got for like two bucks at Charlotte Russe that I cannot wait to wear.

4. Boots
I think that from admiring Rachel Bilson's style so much, I fallen in love with the boot trend. I have a pair of black boots, simple & heelless, I got from like the Salvation Army for this throwback dance I went to, and I actually really like them. I want some in a tannish color now...

5. Dresses
I am and will always be a dress kind of girl. I think dresses are the easiest thing to throw on and go to school in, and yet you look so much more put together! Love that.

6. Bowtie Headbands
I have to say I loved this style when it first made appearances, but I was hesitant to try it since I was still partially stuck in the A&F rut, and it seemed a bit too dressy for school.. But I decided screw it, I love the look & the right ones will look perfect for school.

7. Perfect Fit Jeans
No more will I settle for cheap jeans that fit me wrong, nor the handme downs I get. I will find at least one pair of jeans, no matter the cost, that fit me like a glove and make me say, "I love jeans!"
8. A New Purse
I honestly do not have a good fall/winter purse these days. Right now I'm using this yellow purse I got from the Aldo outlets that I simply adore, but it doesn't make sense in late fall and winter since it's such a spring purse.... Hmm... I need one that's big, but not too oversized. I'm really liking dark red, or maybe just a really nice brown purse. I always find that flea markets, with their imitation purses, have nice ones...
9. Other Colored Wayferers
Well, hey, it's still pretty sunny in the cold days, right? Wayferers are pretty much my obsession right now, and I only have a pink pair! I really want some in black, white, red, orange, but most of all green. Maybe it's Rachel Bilson's influence, but I absolutely adore the green wayferers she has.
10. Bohemian Anything
Again, this could be Brigitte Bardot's influence, but this past year I've really learned to love the casual look of Bohemian style anything. It's show loose and forgiving, that it's chic and fashionable!

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