Hot n Cold

So, yesterday was the change from summer to winter clothes, and I had a hard time putting away some summer garb. =( But, I had quite an easy time welcoming my winter clothes that have been hibernating since March. Especially this super comfy white sweatshirt thing I got a year or so ago.
I remember when reading Fruits Basket, I saw Tohru wearing a similar sort of sweatshirt, and I just thought it looked so adorable on her, so:
This is a result. (I know, I have to lose weight. =p) You can't really tell, but i have a thin blue ribbon in my hair.

Sweatshirt: Steve & Barry's, Top: My own creation, Skirt: American Eagle, Flats: Kohls, Necklace: Tiffany's

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Leia said...

I came here when you linked to your first ever outfit picture. I think it's actually a really artistic shot! I love the outfit and your hair looks beautiful. Also I don't think it looks like you need to lose weight!!