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Ni Hao
So, this could just me reaching out to my culture, or whatever, but lately I've been really interested in Asian dramas (though I've only fully watched one), and the actors/actresses that come along with each. Beginning with the drama that first brought me onto the whole Asian Drama train:
Hana Yori Dango
(2 Seasons, 1 movie)

Stars: Inoue Mao, Matsumoto Jun, & Oguri Shun
Based of off the manga of the same name.
This show was too cute for words, and I loved how they managed to capture all the moments of the manga, without going word by word. It verges of cheesy a bit, but that's what makes it so cute. Inoue is perfect as Makino, and I couldn't picture Domyoji being anyone BUT MatsuJun. And, he's actually a pretty good lookin' guy, which is a first for me to say, considering I haven't really considered Asian men has attractive. Though MatsuJun's looks have to grow on you rather than a instant hottie attraction.
Quick Summary: Makino is a very poor girl attending an elite private school run by a group of four very rich young men who spend time bullying members who cross them for fun. When Makino crosses them, she becomes a part of their lives in a way she never imagined.
I'm watching the movie now (w/o subtitles, so I'm completely lost), and it finishes up the series perfectly. Also the quote of my blog comes from this!

Devil Beside You
(1 season)

Stars: Mike He, Rainie Yang
Based of manga Akuma de Sourou
I cannot tell you how in love I am with Mike He right now. He's the foremost person in the poster, but that picture is hardly the best image of him. He seriously is a gorgeous human being!
The show, I haven't finished yet, but it is definitely a bit cheesy, but lovable at the same time. Rainie Yang plays the main character (I can't recall the names, since I'm not totally familiar with the Chinese language as I've become with Japanese).
Quick summary: Yang plays a shy college sophomore who has a crush on a basketball player, but when she gives him a note, she accidentally gives it to freshman played by He. It turns out He will also be her future stepbrother, and he can't get enough of torturing and teasing her!
Highly recomended! BTW: I'm not entirely sure why, but it seesm Taiwanese dramas have less of a problem with kissing on tv, etc, than Japanese dramas do.

Romantic Princess
(1 season)
90 minutes long

Stars: Angela Zhang, Wu Zun
I've only watched 1.5 episodes of this, and I already know I'll love this show. Though, it's too long for one sitting, and I just don't have total time to watch it right now. Though as an adopted child, who WOULD'NT like to imagine this being their actual destiny?
Quick Summary: Zhang plays a middle class girl who dreams of being a princess. She discovers one day that she is in fact a modern day princess when she finds out she was actually adopted, and she is the heiress to one of the richest men in all the world!
Such a cute show, and such a fantasy show. I mean I'd kill to have a bunch of maids come in with a rack of clothes just for bed!

All in all, Asian dramas have definitely caught my attention of Asian celebs, songs, etc. It seems the difference with Asian television and American television is the fact that Asian TV doesn't mind being a bit cheesy and goofy, and their commercial time is consderably less. I mean, if a show is supposed to be 60 minutes, it's gonna be a full 60 minutes. Also, Asian celebs seem to be triple threats of models/actors/singers as well.
BTW: Watching Asian TV will definitely make you want to be thin, (if you're Asian, like me anyway) as all the girls there are unbelievably thin! Albeit, the tallest is probably five-foot-two, so a hundred pounds isn't really anorexic like it would be if you were an inch taller.

So go to Youtube or MegaVideo or Veoh, and give these dramas a shot.
For easy info on each go to to look up a drama you're interested in.


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