Ode to Taylor Swift

Probably since sometime last year (more early summer) I discovered the lovely voice of Miss Taylor Swift, and became an instant fan. I immediately bought all her songs, looked the videos up on YouTube, and took a look at her website. Upon discovering that she was born in propinquity (nice vocabulary word=p), I became an even more avid fan. I have yet to meet Miss Swift, as I'm usually short on cash and she hardly ever plays where I can go see her. Plus, I'd rather go to a concert with her as the main act.
Now, in her first CD, my favorite song was "Our Song" as, to me, it was my song of the summer: cheerful, lighthearted, and so darn catchy. BUT I listened to all of her CD, on repeat, and especially loved "Tim McGraw" where she looked the most natural (in the video) and Mary's Song (Oh My, My) (which, sadly, didn't make it to music video status). Soon, though, I grew tired of the songs that I listened to a bajillion times a day, and went to see when she was making a new CD.
Along the way, I discovered the songs (on YouTube, of course) "Lucky You," "Permanent Marker," "Sparks Fly," "Fearless," "Am I Ready?" "Our Last Night (Cover Song)," "I <3?">
Now, in light of her new single, "Love Story," I have written an ode to Taylor Swift, saying that I am probably one of her biggest fans, who is not super crazy. And look how gorgeous she is w/o make up too!


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