A School Day Outfit

So, I thought I'd show an outfit of what I wore to school today. I usually overdress for my school, but, hey, whatever. I like getting dressed in the morning and wearing nice things.

I wore my hair (which has piecy bangs and layers), in a side pony with a bit of a bump in the back and a black headband. I'd show you a picture, but, it kind of fell out by now.

Shirt: Simply Vera Wang Kohls (10 bucks on clearance)
Straight Leg Jeans: Gap (free from neighbor)
Heels: Simply Vera Wang Kohls (Xmas Present)

And now I am off to my meeting about going to Italy & Greece this Spring. =)

Ciao ciao


la petite fashionista said...

i'm the same way! always completely overdressed, but hey i like it that way.

im loving those heels!:)

Clara said...

Haha I ALWAYS overdress. People ask me why I'm so dressed up and I'm just like, "Uh... for funsises."

Fabulously Fashionable Dawn said...