Let me introduce you to the wonderful character Audrey-Brigitte Nelson, aka Coco. Coco is a sloppily clothed, private school loner with a sharp tongue and harsh opininons. Her mother is an eccentric, immature painter, and her father is a distant, rich figure in her life, known only as the guy who pays the school tuition and expects her to make a few appearances once in a blue moon when he needs the family man perception.
She doesn't really care about anything too much, thinking her private school a place filled with rich idiots with trust funds that could feed entire third world countries. She doesn't associate with anyone there, and her best friend is, in fact, her next door neighbor.
Aimee, whose parents barely make rent every month, is the exact opposite of Coco in all but what really matters. She has an extreme interest in fashion, managing to make all of her vintage clothes look extremely dignified. Though, while Coco's loner status at private school is due to her anti-social behavior, Aimee's is due to her unnatural maturity for public school.
Enter Edward Hamilton, who is a future Oxford graduate, Lord of something or another, and otherwise future ruler of the world who has taken a sort of curious interest in Coco. Not only does she dislike him on the fact that he is the shining example of everything she detests in society, her entire family loves the idea of him.

Some Quotes:

"I guess I should explain my name, since it is the title of this little book here. Well, Mum named me, without any help from Dad, and she took her two biggest inspirations in life: Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. So, unlike most of the people my age, I know that Brigitte Bardot was a French sex goddess in the fifties and sixties. I’m not even telling you who Audrey Hepburn is, because if you don’t know, you really are an idiot and I don’t want you reading this book in the first place."
"I mean, I don’t care what girl you are, unless of course you’re a dyke, a handsome guy’s smile is always going to disarm you. No matter what kind of defenses you’re going put up around yourself."

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The Clothes Horse said...

Coco sounds awesome. I would be friends with her...I have a penchant for shart-tongued people.