So Thin!!

Buona Sera
So, in my addiction to blog reading (it's really terrible, I must admit), I have come across a trend. All these fashion blogs I'm reading, the girls seem so thin! I say this in a good way, not the anorexic kind of way. I mean, please tell me what you're eating and doing to look so slim, because I'll stick to it religiously!
I, on the other hand, have an athletic build. I mean I'm glad I have this build, since without it I'd suck in the pool, but it definitely challenges my fashion capabilities. Oh, and the fact that I'm also five two.
Anyhooww, the closer I get to spring break, the more and more excited I am to go to Italy! Seeing the Victoria Secret ads just make me want to go more (though I'm pretty sure they didn't intend to pinpoint a country or anything). I keep picturing myself walking along in the bright sunlight, my wayferers on, hair blowing in the wind, and a nice flowing dress blowing around me.... Ah to dream


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