Black Friday Shopping

Okay, so last year was the first year I discovered the complete awesomeness of Black Friday. Midnight shopping at the outlets produced the best thing ever: the catalyst of my dress loving-my $30 Michael Kors off white knit mini dress. Now this year, I'm going more prepared so I can buy what I need/want/have to have items.

1. Gray Jeans
I own a pair from Levi, but I got them on clearance, and they just don't fit me very well. They're long on me, so they're normal waist, but hight waist on me. They're just not flattering, but i love the color of them. So, I'm gonna look for some nice ones. I need low waist since my waist is unnaturally thick (I'm tryingg!), so normal waist just doesn't work. Gah, I'm just so picky about jeans in general that it's hard to find some that I like. I've yet to find a pair of jeans that make me feel totally confident. It's why I love, love dresses.

2. Plaid "Lumberjack" Shirts
Preferably flannel, because I get cold so easily in winter. I blame it on the fact that I was born in southern China where I'm pretty sure it's warm a lot, and so I was born with thin skin, and cannot stand the winter frost. This is one of the trends I really love because it's so casual. Also becasue the way Analeigh wore it on ANTM looked so cute (refer to other post). Oh and look she's rocking the gray jeans too, haha.

3. Boots
I've recently got this pair from Victoria's Secret. I'm definitely thinking riding boot style. I saw this amazing pair of brown riding boots with the perfect amount of distressed leather on this girl at the DMV (who looked pretty stylish all together, her and her friends), but stupid me forgot to ask her where she got them from! So, I've been scourging (?) the internet for a pair similar to hers, and finally settled on these lovelies in the lighter brown. They're perfect and at fifty bucks, they were the cheapest. =)

4. Vest
I still haven't gotten a vest yet, but I am on the hunt for one, especially now that my style is definitely transitioning into the more bohemian phase instead of the Blair Warldof stage. I can't help it! I've been feeling loose tops, wavy hair, hippie style clothing lately, and have been looking at my Blair clothes with feelings of... "soo pretty, but sooo feeling the comfy shirt instead of the tight dress right now."

5. A New Purse
My green purse is way too big; my yellow is purse is more spring... I want a red one. I love the Hayden bag for Dooney&Burke but I am not paying that much for a bag I'll get tired of in a year. Sorry, I'm miserly. Plus I don't really want patent leather...I want a more subdued. Or maybe a mustard yellow, because I love my yellow purse for spring. Hm hm...

6. Tights
I want some plum colored ones, nude, black...lots of dark colors. I love skirts and dresses, but it is so COLD. Or...this girl is wearing these tights very well, albeit it looks quite warmer and sunnier where she is...

7. Scarves, scarves, scarves
As in the light weight, fairly cheap ones in light colors. Scarves are my new obsession!

8. And as always...
I'll forever keep my eye out for cute dresses, shoes, or anything I fall in love with.

Buena Suerte with your Black Friday!


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Tinsley said...

everything about this post i completely agree with, especially the grey jeans and riding boots
amazing blog!