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So, while I figure out how to add this feature to my page....

  • I Am Fashion- HG, BG, & now E always provide quick and easy to read fashion ponderings and recaps of shows. BG is actually keeping everyone up to date, in a simple way, of the current state of the American economy in a easy to read manner.
  • The Cherry Blossom Girl- Absolutely adorable blog. Her photography and outfits are adorable. It's like stepping into a fairy tale world. I just discovered this blog, so I don't have a whole lot of info, but the writer is Alix, and she's French.
    Starbucks&JaneAusten- Tinsley (isn't that name adorable?) has an awesome style to her blog. She always provides chic pictures of herself and editorials, plus her taste in music is quite extraordinary. I love the song from her last post, "Samson."
  • WhoWhatWear- This blog is amazing, filled with little shows teaching you everyone from Spring/Summer o8 to How to Wear a Scarf. They always have themes to their posts: Myspace muses, What was she wearing?, etc.
  • Fashion Toast- Rumi (another awesome name) has pictures of herslef, giving you her style sources, etc. Her outfits are very cool looking, and she's not afraid to experiment, so you can see what things look like, such as a slashed sweatshirt, studded boots, etc.
  • The Clothes Adorable posts, and her outfits are probably one of my favorites. Her photography is extremely good as well, and her way of writing is funny and interesting. She's also in Greece at the moment, making the scenery amazing.
  • My Daily Style- Warning: This is in Spanish with a few English sentences at the bottom. This blog is the perfect way for me to practice my fluency in the language, and her model style is interesting to pick apart.


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