Let It Rock

It's been a while, sorry to anyone who reads this! Well, as a sort of follow up to my ball gown post, I thought I'd write about my outfit for my high school's homecoming (we call it Fall Ball). It took place at this gorgeous, recently redone, ballroom (which is right near my house!), so I guess that sort of is like a ball...
Anyhow, I was originally going for the whole boho goddess look when I went looking for a dress, but I came to something close, but more me at the same time. Those heels came off as soon as the dancing started, by the way. Haha
Okay so...

Dress-JCPenny's (I think, or Macy's)
Heels- Aerosole

Mouse at roots, Curling Foam at Tips, and Gel stuff to hold the braid together (all can be found at the drug store)
-All I did, basically, was curl my hair with steam curlers (an ancient device from my mom's time). I've found steam curlers give my hair the prettiest curl out of everything I've used, and they only take me about ten minutes to do. Okay, and then my friend's mom french braided a headband. I am so learning how to French braid.
Overall, I thought I looked my best in terms of a dance in a while. This is the first time I've worn color, actually... I usually only find black or white dresses I really like. So how was everyone elses homecoming or whatever you mightve had?

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