L is for the way you look at me...

Speaking of perfume ads, I must come to my favorite perfume ad, and probably the catalyst to my interest in perfume period the end, Keira Knightley for Coco Madamoiselle. She does playful in a different way than Maryna Linchuk... Perhaps, I'd like to Maryna's Miss Dior Cherie during the day, and then turn into Keira's Coco Madamoiselle at night... Hmm... now that'd be quite an enchanting life, wouldn't it?

Keira is also my favorite actress. What better counterpart for a historic novelist than the historic actress? (If that makes any sense...) Say what you will about her wooden voice or too quick speaking or too thin frame, I love Keira Knightley. I think Pride & Prejudice pretty much won me over the most, and she could total crap after this and I'd still love her for her Lizzy Bennet.
Now, in terms of the ad, I love carefree elegance of it all. The top hat & collared shirt at the beginning to the elegant red dress to the flirtatious teasing of the man, to to just the general lovelieness of the whole thing. Plus Joss Stone's lovely rendition of L.O.V.E. is perfect.

Lo siento, pero no tengo energia, y no puedo escribir en espanol hoy. Lo siento!


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Allure said...

No me gusta Keira, pero convengo contigo en que el anuncio está muy bien hecho.