The Tudors

Yes, the historical inaccuracies in this show are shameful. Yes, the Tudor Era historian in me wants to smash the director's head in for completely botching up one of my favorite Tudor characters, Mary Tudor, the sister of Henry VIII (not the infamous Bloody Mary, his daughter). Yes, I am aware that all the sex scenes laced into the show are...quite explicit. And yes, I know that no movie about the Tudors has done the true story, which is far more interesting than any of the fabricated versions, and this show is probably doing the second worse job of it (The Other Boleyn Girl takes that prize). But, although inaccurate, I cannot help being drawn to the colorful costumes on the show, and of course the gorgeous males. Henry Cavill anyone?

Si, la inexactitudes historicas en esta programa vergonzosoda. Si, la era de Tudors es una importanta era a mi, y quiero dar una bofetada al directora porque destrue my presonaje favorita, Mary Tudor, la hermana de Henry VIII (no Bloody Mary, su hija). Si, se que la escena de sexo son...explicitas. Y si, se que peliculas sobre la Tudors no son exactas. La historia es mas interesante que las veracidades que inventar, y esta programa es muy mal. (El peor es The Other Boleyn Girl) Pero, aunque inexactitud, no puedo ayudar pero me encantan los trajes en la programa, y, claro que si, los hombres guapos. Henry Cavill??

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