around the world in 80 days I

So La Belle Vie posted the top ten most popular cities, and as I read them, I realized I had never visited a single one! This made me slightly depressed, as travel is one of my biggest interests and yet I had never even visited a any of these cities in my own country. But then I stopped and thought, well I have been to some pretty amazing places... And then I thought, why not share them with everyone? Take that ten most popular cities. Here's the first five:

1. Guangzhou, China- birthplace
2. Bar Harbor, Maine- best family vacation & coldest beach
3. Disney World- Princess Breakfast, 'nough said
4. Hershey Park- how many people can say this place is a yearly destination?
Note: The picture is part of the Chocolate World Ride

5. Atlantic City-
too young to be impressed by this...
And this was in my childhood days...


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

make sure you add this stuff to your bucket list!

The Clothes Horse said...

I don't know...most of the popular cities on her list (I just visited them) don't interest me...I suppose I have a more global mind for travel.
Hershey park can be fun though--my college is really near that.



aubrey said...

the taj mahal won't be bad:)