around the world in 80 days II

A nice continuation...

6. Outerbanks, NC- so relaxing, though not good for the active

7. New York City- what can you say about NYC that hasn't already been said?
8. Philadelphia- I did the whole touristy thing when I was like ten, gotta love the original US capital9. & 10. Italy & Greece- okay, not quite yet, but less than TWO MONTHS!

With this all said, I will visit: England, France, Japan, Taiwan, Moscow, Prince Edward Island and Hong Kong before I die.


Lindsay said...

loove the outerbanks!

Yvonne said...

been to the 2nd and 3rd pic places. the LOVE sculpture is in nyc too.

kaitlyn said...

i haven't even left the country yet! well... besides mexico, which doesn't really count because i'm from so cal. haha. love your blog!!