fairytale castles

Personally, I plan to live in a castle when I grow up, whether it is inherited (doubtful), bought (a little less doubtful), or created from my own imagination (most likely--as long as I acquire a lot of cash to do so). Who can't imagine themselves waking up with Sleeping Beauty-esque locks and a long, flowing nightgown to step out onto the balcony of a magnificent castle? If you add in a nice flower crown, chirping birds, and Prince Charming, and you've got yourself a fairytale. And who doesn't love a good fairytale?

Some castles I love: "Love Story" video, Princess Diaries movie, and Arcadia University's castle. (This castle alone almost makes me want to go there. It sure helped to make it in the top five.)

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maisie #1 and #2 said...

chirping birds and prince charming? i am so inheriting a castle. cute blog!

/maisie #1