excellent magazine month...

Just received the majority of my magazines, and I am ecstatic to say that I think all the cover girls for this month for perfect. That's a first, because usually I loathe one of them. I wish I had the patience to scan them for you, but until I figure that out, here's the website pictures...Isla gives Allure a funny interview, of course, and I found out she actually wrote a cheesy teen novel or two back in the day! I love that she's so frank and funny, and I don't know about you, but I'm SO excited for Confessions to come out. Even if the book, which is amazingly funny and I love Sophie Kinsella, is way different from the movie (i.e. London vs NYC), I think Isla is Becky Bloomwood.
Leighton surprises me with her Seventeen interview. I know she's always been way nicer than her tv counterpart (ie my favorite Blair), but she's actually not as sugary sweet as they make her out. She's got some major wit. And, like me, she knew what she wanted way before her graduation of high school. Actually I think Leighton is pretty much my hero. It's made me love her more as an actress.
And of course, my absolute favorite celebrity in the whole world, Taylor Swift, was on the cover Teen Vogue, looking a bit edgier than I've ever seen her. Gone are the curly cue curls (though I love them). She looks amazing. Bravo Teen Vogue's been doing quite a good job with the covers. And her interview was cute as well, not much more that I didn't already know (though I've read just about every interview with her that I could, so I'm not one to say really.)
Over all, my magazine reading is pretty awesome. Now it's onto my novels... My friend just lent me the sequels to Little Women (Little Men and Jo's Boys) so I'm excited to read them. Also, she lent me Sabrina with the awesome Audrey Hepburn. Looks like a fun weekenda head =)

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