fall ready-to-wear 09 Part One

I'm sick today, so I had time to scan a few of my favorite runway designers... Here's my two favorites of the scans:
I remember hearing of Elie Tahari from watching Enchanted. Immediately I related his name to the pretty, whimsical dresses of Princess Giselle. I was a bit off in my assumptions, but I did fall in love with his collection. He incorporated a bit of Japanese formal wear into the clothes, and it makes a well mixed, interesting outfit. I'm in love with the patterns he used!

I was a bit scared at first to look at Lela Rose because the review and first picture made me think she had tried to be drabber and "edgier" with this collection. Gladly, I was proven wrong, and these four dresses are only a small percentage of what I absolutely LOVED in her collection. The first few pictures of the drab gray coats, etc turned me off, but as the collection continued, the Lela Rose I love started showing. And the ending with the full length dresses was my favorite.


love and youth said...

good pics, i like both of the collections, maybe lela rose a tad more!


Tina said...

Elie Tahari's collection is so gorgeous, love the prints he's using too!