Kirsten Dunst

Maybe I'm just slow, or maybe it's because of the sudden influx of interest in her movies, but I think I have a girl crush of a Miss Kirsten Dunst. She's managed to remained one of the child stars that transitioned into adulthood without too much fuss. Some may say she is overrated, but I really cannot see how anyone can say that with the huge list of roles she's done. Sure she hasn't done anything too deep and crazy, aka Heath Ledger (RIP), but for me she has range. She's never the same person twice and has never fallen into stereotypes as "the damsel in distress" or "crazy party girl" type roles like others. She's been innocent and slutty, luxurious and grungy, peppy and depressed. She's been in artsy films, kid films, literature films, cartoons, action films. To me she's always been an iguana while still always letting you know that, yes, this Kirsten Dunst playing this role. She brings a certain charm to ever role. PLUS she's worked with some of the most famous actors today: Robin Williams, Meg Ryan (okay well they voiced the same character), Sophie Coppola, Julia Roberts, Orlando Bloom (okay well, he's known now, maybe not as great as the formers), Susan Surandon, Winona Ryder (she WAS big), Claire Danes, Christian Bale, and so many others. For Pete's sake her first kiss was Brad Pitt
Kiki's Delivery Service (I LOVED this movie as a kid)
Little Women (best & truest adaption; she WAS Amy for me)
Jumanji (brilliant movie)
Anastasia (If you never saw this, you're missing out)
All I Wanna Do! (Seriously didn't get the proper press. My favorite movie with her)
Virgin Suicides (disturbing, haunting, romanticm she's brilliant)
Bring It On (Can you believe she went from Lux to this in just a year?!)Crazy/Beautiful (SUCH a cute movie)Spiderman (1, 2, 3, & now 4) (You know you saw these & you know she was adorable)
Mona Lisa Smile (another great underrated movie with her)Elizabethtown (cute chick flick, she plays free spirit well)
and her crowning acheivement...
Marie Antoinette (amazing, cinematography at its best!)

Check all these movies out, you won't be disappointed. Also there's so many more to her credit than I've listed!


Violet said...

All I Wanna Do a F'n classic i always look for it on cable... no luck

i like ur blog

come visit sometime

Vi form Cali

aubrey said...

oh i love the movie listing you did:)
and i can watch little women over and over again.its such a lovely movie.