walking on flowers

I have a new pair of shoes that have stolen my heart. You may have seen my black heels (which are very comfortable) or my mary jane esque heels, both of which hold top places in my shoes to wear, but these shoes are probably my new obsession at the current moment. And here's the best part: they're the cheapest shoes I have ever brought, coming in at just five dollars from Payless and they're comfortable--no blisters or anything. They have been sitting on display in my room, along with two other more spring appropriate shoes, but with the unwonted warm weather we've been having, I just had to pull them out and wear them.

This sweater, XL, was wayy too big, but I found it worked with skinny gray jeans and flats. I tightened the belt like a million times and added a long necklace to thin the silhouette.
Shoes- Payless
Shirt- Kohl's I think
Necklace- Aeropostale
Jeans- Ross
(A very cheap outfit, as you can tell)
I'd show you a picture of me in it, but i didn't think of taking a picture until now when I'm clorinated and gross looking.