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I know I'm late with my Grammy Award Show post... I thought instead of telling you my favorites from this year (I will always have a bias towards my favorite celebrities...) I would instead comment and compare on the styles of some of my favorite celebs from the o8 awards to now. Brace yourself, its kinda long.

Just Much Better

That yellow dress had so much working for it-the gorgeous canary yellow color and well actually that's about it. Yuck that dress was not flattering, and what's up with her tummy? Sheryl Crown has a gorgeous figure, what is that dress doing to it?! And the hair--yuckk. This year--much better.

Much ImprovedWho didn't cringe at that purple awfulness that was Taylor's dress last year? It pains to hate this outfit, but the purple eyeshadow, the cut of that dress... It was awful. Thank goodness she looks natural faced and chic this year.

I absolutely loved Carrie's dress last year, so the label I'd give this year is sleeker-from the slimming nude colored dress to the updo, she definitely look more evening awards than uber fancy garden party.

More PolishedI think Hudson looks great in this ensemble! It's definitely way more figure flattering to her, and she looks so sophisticated!

More Lively
Hm... I like the overall look of the then picture, but I really love her dress now. She looks livelier =). Although not a fan of the hair.

Always Consistent...
Oh, Bai Ling, I don't even know what you're famous for. Your style will always befuddle and aggravate fashion critics, but somehow I love reading awards how posts with you in them. You never cease to look outrageous. Although I do think that pink dress is pretty awesome looking, don't know why...

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