confession: i'm a little girl

I consider myself to be rather mature for my age. I always blend in well with adults, and if it is necessary, I can be the perfect picture of decorum and charisma.
But on occasion (especially in my hell hole of a school, and the awful girl I must put up with every day), I can be incredibly...childish. Take for instance today, I drew a permanent marker line on the back of this guy in my Euro class for being a fatuous asshole. There were two others involved, but he happened to be in front of me.
In my defense, it's been building up for a while. But still, I know it's completely immature. Has anyone else felt like this? No matter how many years pass or how much we think we've grown, these small, childish idiosyncrasies tend to remain? And if you're older than me, does it ever fade or go away?

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agnes said...

well i must say i am kind of in the same stage as you do now as well. but i think it doesn't harm to have the "childish" side of you,
this complicated world needs some innocence to soften it.

agnes :)